Velcrow - Audio Visual Performance

In a collaboration with Nick Felix and Arno Boey from Creative Writing. We created a 10 minute performance in which I was responsible for the concept, audio and visuals. In this performance we sketch a futuristic scenario of a young man struggling with dementia at a young age. The young man uses 'Velcrow', a device driven by an AI to help him remember his daily experiences. At first, they work together perfectly and Velcrow proves very useful for the young man. Sadly Velcrow only helps the man to remember, but does not prevent him from forgetting. As the man ages, his dementia grows worse and he no longer understands what Velcrow is telling him. The synergie they once had has turned into a dark cloud of confusion.

The visuals are generated with code and controlled live in the performance. They represent the memories and activity of the young mans brain. As the performance continues, the activity turns wilder and wilder. The voice of Velcrow is also controlled live using text to speech.

This performance was held live in Arnhem, Antwerp, Leipzig and Frankfurt.