Intercepting Paolo Cirio

Nowadays more and more laws are being passed that give secret services and companies more rights to intercept our conversations and browsing behaviour. Within the topic of the project month 'Behind the Net' we researched these interceptors. What are their intentions and backgrounds? In the final performance we invited artist and hacker Paolo Cirio to give a talk about interception on the net and what that means for citizens and artists.

We created an installation that allows the audience to intercept our conversation with Paolo. The installation consists of a large orange net hanging from the ceiling. In this network within the net, there are approximately 60 points with a small piezo speaker connected to two orange paper cup that is dangling down. With these cups, the audience can overhear the conversation between the interviewer and Paolo.

Intercept installation made by: Ties van Asseldonk, Deborah Mora, Bram de Groot, Ibo Ibelings, Tycho Kilsdonk, Bente Brunia, Gabriƫlle Gijsbers